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Reliable Towing Services For Every Customer Need

Nobody can predict when they might need to call on a towing service. Of course, none of us look forward to such unfortunate circumstances, but it’s best to prepare for such eventualities. If you operate a car or vehicle on a regular basis then it’s likely that you will need a towing service sooner or later. Whether it’s a breakdown, accident or you simply run out of fuel, we can help.

CBT is an established and respected company that has been in the Sydney towing business since 1977. We provide high service quality and friendly customer service for reasonable prices.

Our highly skilled team are available 24/7, 365 days a year, operating a fleet of 7 fully serviced tow trucks.

We provide a wide range of towing solutions, including -

You Are More Than Just A Number

Getting a vehicle towed can be a trying and time-consuming ordeal. During this process, having ti deal with rude and unhelpful operators just makes things worse. At CBT services, we are aware that a vital part of our job is putting you at ease. You are not just a number, but a valued customer. We pride ourselves on serving each and every client in a way that is friendly, personalised and courteous.